And here i firstly mention the none other than ,

🌸Coco Chanel🌸

She’s the most famous names to come out of 1920s fashion.

It seems that i see coco chanel everywhere these days. She is always present in every style book i read, other fashion bloggers refer to her style in their outfits and her nautical style with stripes is very much on trend. I am soo much inspired by her enduring looks. yes, the legendary Coco Chanel helped define what fashion looked like during this decade. Her famous focus on
menswear-inspired items was nothing short of revolutionary, while her highly edited personal
style was also incredibly inspirational.She gifted us all the flatter, corset free-bust and much more and we all are thankful for that1920’s fashion and culture .

🌸Colleen Moore🌸

Colleen Moore was a 1920s silver screen star who is one of the most famous flappers of this
decade. Her cute, coquettish look was copied by women across the country. She is best known
for being one of the first famous women to sport an ultra-short haircut, a look which would
become incredibly popular thanks to her forward thinking sense of style.

🌸Zelda Fitzgerald🌸
Zelda Fitzgerald was a beautiful socialite who is now considered “The First Flapper.”

Her style,grace, and charm inspired many of her famous husband’s books, including “The Great Gatsby,”
which will forever define 1920s fashion and culture. Her high society lifestyle made her an iconic
figure during this decade.In the 1920’s, when women were still delicate, corseted and buttoned up, Zelda’s breezy flapper style was considered extremely risqué. Loose, ankle – revealing dresses, bobbed hair, ropes of rhinestones, cigarette in mouth and a sidecar in hand, Zelda was the quintessential jazz age baby. Here are a couple of things you would see hanging in her wardrobe :

1- a stylish hat, 2- on trend lace up dresses. 3- drop waist dresses. 4- a sparkly headpiece 5- beaded jewellery. 6- and her fur.
For me, Zelda Fitzgerald is a bit of an inspiration. She tried her hand at many things and never, ever stopped trying to be the person she wanted to be – a creator, an artist, an independent woman.

🌸Louise Brooks🌸

Louise Brooks was a silent film starlet that was simply iconic during the 1920s.

With a distinctly
sensual essence, she proudly wore a super short, slick bob and helped give rise to this stylish
and sophisticated haircut.Louise liked to wear lots of daring and glamorous outfits, like heavy fur coats, sparkling evening gowns and velvet smoking jackets, and she pulled off every look with ease.

🌸Greta Garbo🌸
Greta Garbo was a sultry and stylish actress during the 1920s.

This 1920s fashion icon is perhaps most famous,
however, for her fashion choices she wore off screen. She was known for wearing oversized,
menswear-inspired looks that are classically elegant and maintain a certain elegance to this
day. Greta’s sense of style was unique. The mystery of her style analyses the actress as the on – screen style icon. Throughout the 1920’s Garbo identified with the style of the art deco trend. Garbo’s style and independence undoubtedly contributed to create a new alphabet of style, both on and off screen.

🌸Clara bow 🌸

Clara bow’s charm and energy made her the ultimate, ‘flapper’ ‘It’girl.Everyone loved her wavy bob, those iconic pencil thin eyebrows,and ths perfect pout. All in all best in everything. Flirtatious and sassy, clara wasn’t a damsel to be saved. Everyone loved her wavy bob,those iconic pencil thin eyebrows, and the perfect pout. She was a star, not a star’s accesory. I am soo enamored with the way she wore scarves. She tied them everywhere, and the way she wore them in her hairis perfect if you’re growing out a short crop. The scarves, the accordion pleat skirt, and the cardigans are all very doable today.

🌸Mary Pickford🌸

This “America’s Sweetheart,” and her popularity made her the perfection Her long hair, feminine frills, and demure sense of style was the antithesis of the popular flapper,
making her a breath of fresh air in the fashion world. In some of her most iconic images, she wears huge straw hats embellished with ribbons and flowers.She wore lace, ruffles, pastels and flowing styles of turn-of-the-century fashion’s.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this 1920’s famous jazz age fashionistas. Thank you so much for reading darlings. Do not forget to check out the outstanding vintage collection of Wardrobe Shop to get some more jazz age fashion inspirations.

And stay tuned for some more articles.

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