Meet And Greet With ABIR||PARNO #ThumsUpToofani 

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Well, today am sharing a dine out/meet & greet night with Abir Chatterjee and Parno Mitra 

The event was held in Kolkata @Hyatt Regency, for #ThumsUpToofani 

 I literally cannot say enough about the experience. Am honoured to be a part of that night.Abir And Parno were both extremely kind, funny genuine, down to heart and was absolutely incredible meeting them.had a very friendly session at the time of the dinner date . got to know soo many things about them .

( i was literally so happy because abir and parno sat in infront of 😉 me btw )

 And after the dinner we clicked some pictures together  🙂

yes, it was a wonderful day!

loved meeting them  . they are amazing 


this is what i wore for the night… 👇

 a #Stalkbuylove dress

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byomkesh satyanweshi review (webseries)

Heya readers 😊

.. hows life going on ??

……thrillingly awesome just like the byomkesh web series huh??

today am here – reviewing the 2 episodes of byomkesh (Hoichoi Web series)
A suspense series lodged somewhere between action and adventure genre.Its a series which has the heavier emphasis on characters and plot-development and, as mentioned, suspense to add tension, the proverbial thrills, to a series .
I will also give an honourable mention to the director of the movie Sayantan Ghosal and the star Anirban Bhattacharya. Even if you’re not a Byomkesh fan, you should check it out for the sheer good plot-writing and the excellent suspense.

The excitement stays with you until the very end and the well-written dialogue between Mr. byomkesh and the others actors are commendable .

The first episode of Byomkesh is based on the stories of ‘Satyanweshi’ and ‘Pother Kanta’

The murderous drug gang:

Byomkesh finds himself involved in a murder case investigation which leads him to stay at a boarding house in Kolkata which is owned by a homeopathic doctor named Anukul. With his identity concealed, Byomkesh builds a rapport with a co-boarder Ajit, a young writer. Even as he himself who gets arrested by the police as a prime suspect! The gripping episode then reveals how Byomkesh frees himself from the clutches pf the police and returns to the boarding house to hatch a plan that results in the arrest of the real murderer.

The murderer with an unusual weapon:

The first episode continues, with Byomkesh taking his friend Ajit away from the boarding house into his own, only to step into another murder case. This time , an unknown person is targeting the rich and elderly, killing them with an unusual murder weapon. Just then, Byomkesh stumbles upon a newspaper ad. The ad invites anyone looking to get rid of their enemies, to a specified location. Byomkesh sends Ajit in disguise to trap the mysterious advertiser. After a riveting turn of events, Byomkesh unmasks the murderer.

And the second episode is based on the other popularstory

Makorshar Rosh

Nandadulal Dutta’s elder son, Arun Dutta requested Dr. Mohanlal Chattopadhyay to do the treatment. Nandadulal Dutta was one of the richest businessmen of Kolkata, but, became paralyzed due to some illness. Mr. Dutta had a very rough character. Nandadulal had a secret addiction. Have you ever heard of Tarantula Dance? People of Spain used to dance after getting bitten by the poisonous Tarantula spiders. Nandadulal Babu challenged Dr. Mohanlal that the consumption of that addicted substance could not be stopped. Dr. Mohanlal tightened the security of Nandadulal’s house. But, the businessman continued the consumption of that addicted substance. Matlabi hosh ne re Maa; matlab kare dusto lokey. Daktaar bhuyo, daktaar bhuyo, paarle… amaye atkaate paarle. Nandadulal started writing stories. The doctor started searching for that substance inside Mr. Dutta’s house. Daktaar…Daktaar, aaj bujhi tomaar palaa, tumi o goyenda giri korte neme porecho. Tomar tel khub bere gache, khub tel bere gache, tomar tel ami ekdum mere debo… bujhle.

Dr. Mohanlal Chattopadhyay met his childhood friend. The detective, Byomkesh Bakshi sent his assistant to solve the case. Ajit Bandopadhyay started the investigation. Abhay Dutta was keeping strict vigilance on Nandadulal Dutta. The businessman used to write adult stories. Was he truly a writer? Sunun apni sahitya karun, kintu nasha kora ta chere din. Nandadulal Dutta understood the actual objective of Ajit Bandopadhyay. Tumi esecho goyenda giri korte. Chaya r sathe Kusthi karcho kano? Ajit interrogated all the family members of Dutta family. After the interrogation, it was revealed that Nandadulal Dutta had an extra-marital affair with a woman. Every month, Mr. Dutta used to send a money order of Rs. 100/-. Ajit took a perfume bottle from Nandadulal’s house. Byomkesh totally ignored that perfume bottle. Who used to send the blank paper as a registered post every month? Who was that 5thperson to enter inside the house of Dutta family every month? What was the colour of Nandadulal’s tongue? Why the amateur writer used two fountain pens to write his stories? What was the actual addiction of Nandadulal Dutta? Was that Jewish woman getting a pension amount from the businessman? How Nandadulal Dutta used to consume that addicted substance despite such a strict vigilance inside his house?

Total rating for the Byomkesh web series (2 episodes) – 5/5⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐

Okay Guys! thats all for tonight.

To know about all these mysteries, you have to watch the Bengali webseries on Hoichoi .

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Byomkesh Hoichoi webseries Premiere. 

hola peeps! 

yesterday i was there at the much awaited Byomkesh original web series premier as the media blogger.

 the detective drama and the official trailer unveiled to the media.

the experience of watching the first episode was beyond imagination. it was thrillingly awesome and visually stunning. acting skills were perfect. also i must add another thing that the background score was super amazing.It is one of the aspect that makes a series/movie memorable.

 dont you agree ?? 

do check out the pictures ..

it was lovely meeting the whole Hoichoi and Byomkesh webseries team.

 So,today is the day , first episode is live now on Hoichoi, the first episode of byomkesh is based on the stories  of satyanweshi and pother kanta. It will make history as the first Byomkesh series to be available on an OTT platform worldwide by Hoichoi , produced by Shree Venkatesh Films & directed by Sayantan Ghosal.
take a look at the teaser-

Hoichoi is available for download on itunes and android.  

Do download the app and enjoy. 

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For The Love of Ikat: Reviving A Fine Textile Art.

hello people! 

First of all i wanna apologies  that I haven’t been posted for a while. actually i have been busy for the puja (bengalis Durga puja) .

So, Today i am sharing Ikat Fashion Lookbook ….yes , you heard it right ! Its IkatTrends repeat themselves. After every decade or two they make a comeback and become a rage and talking point. Ikat Trend is one such hot favourite doing the global rounds. 

 Ikat pattern is a real tribal influence.wear this pattern on winter summer or in between. i can see it being used a lot for summers. yes you can have relaxed and comfy dayout or a fun night by wearing a ikat dress.

this ikat dress is my self designed dress.

from the very first day i fell in love with the color and the boho print.

I needed a pretty, feminine yet statement necklace to accessorize this outfit as it has a very simple i added up a necklace by 》 to this look. Shop their amazing collection and be a fan of their Facebook Page for the latest addition.

also i paired this ikat look with a boho bright coloured side bag by 

i just loved the detailing of the bag.

They have amazing collection of bags/shoes/accessories . click the link you will find them all. 

Shop the ikat fashion look anywhere. 

attaching some ikat fashion shop links here ..
The world is going crazy for this pretty trend. It’s a perfect way to take out the boho-girl inside you… so start flaunting the ikat look now 😉

Okay guys ..Hope you enjoyed reading the Ikat Trend.

 Share your views in the comments section below on the new-found ikat fashion….

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launch event of Hoichoi ByomkesWebSeries 

hello to my readers! 

I am soo damn thrilled to announce that 

i was invited to the event of Byomkesh Web series First Look for hoichoi by ( SVF)


Byomkesh Bakshi has been adapted 18 times on screen (13 times in the movies, 5 times for TV). So far, 7 actors have donned this character in Bengali. Between 2015-16, there were 6 Byomkesh movies (including Dibakar Banerjee’s Detective Byomkesh Bakshy) and 1 TV series.

Byomkesh is an upcoming Bengali web series produced by Shree Venkatesh Films (SVF) for Hoichoi. The online detective thriller promises to entertain audiences like never before. The series is an adaptation of stories featuring Byomkesh Bakshi.

And Hoichoi is a Bengali Video Streaming App that lets you watch and download your favorite Bengali movies anytime.their soon-to-be-launched OTT app.(download it now)

now lets come to the event launch

watch the Live update on twitter 

here 》 – ( a short live update )

Byomkesh Web Series is Directed by- sayantan ghosal and

Starring – Anirban Bhattacharya as (Byomkesh) ( recently seen in the critically-acclaimed film Dhananjoy)

all time favourite character by the all bengali people “especially girls ” 😉

Ridhima Ghosh– as (Satyabati) Byomkesh’s wife.

Subrat Dutta – as (Ajit) the role of Byomkesh’s trusted friend.

we had an amazing conversation. he shared everything whatever I asked him about. (sharing a short part of the convo here,& pardon me for the video sound quality. there was some technical glitch) 

he says, “I am excited that Bengalis all over the world will be able to watch Byomkesh web series on Hoichoi ( just like got,narcos etc ) people can chillout and watch the series just in a one click. and yes donning a web avatar of byomkesh was so fabulous for me.i was soo happy when i got the first text from arindam(da) sil, hes the only one who texted me first and congratulated that finally am doing the character of byomkesh”. also he shared soo much about theatre and cinema (as he came from the theatre background) and hes not worried about any negative audience impact,as he already know this Hoichoi Byomkesh web series is gonna set the new trend for sure . and also he added that he is interested to work with mainak bhaumick and many more directors in tollywood. #ByomkeshEkhonJemon

so yes am gonna watch the byomkesh series on hoichoi app for sure . what about you guys ?? 

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