KiKO’S CLOSET, ft.Phiphany clothing(Honey & Lace) by – siya

There are certain things that every girl simply must have in her wardrobe at all times.

Here Featuring a California tunic from KIKO’S CLOSET

The lightweight fabric and three-quarter-sleeve style make this the perfect transitional shirt from summer to fall. I am always game for comfortable and smart casuals which you will usually find me dressed up in whether it’s a day out with my friends or a day at work.

Wear this tunic with joggers for an ultra comfy movie night / pull on a pair of jeans for a casual weekend outfit/pair up a skirt/pair a tank top along with it (you will find one look below👇)

Or you can wear it as a👆 dress..

Don’t you think how versatile and pretty this California Tunic is?🤰

And here ☝️ i am wearing a Melrose tank top (this one is also from PAULINAS – KIKO’S CLOSET)

this one is my favourite as a first glance I fall for the floral prints on it . I’ve found two ways to wear it. I either layer this melrose floral tank over a plain white/blue/black California tunic or I wear it with a skirt. Most recently I went to Andaman and I wore it,to keep things comfortable and casual on a hot and humid day.

KiKos Closet owner (Paulina jay) has the best fit guide for everyone , check out the fit guide here👇

also she has huge collection of skirts,palazzos and leggings for every women.

You will find out variety of prints and solids as well. Their service is phenomenal.

So don’t be late join her VIP Facebook Group to grab some exciting range of fashionable phiphany clothes.

Here’s the link –

Join and start ordering girls…❤️😍

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? Have you ever shopped from the KIKO’S CLOSET? Share your fashionable thoughts in the comments!

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– Siya #bestylechic❤️❤️❤️

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“You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.’

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