The beautyco. Coffee scrub

When I was contacted by the beautu co. Cosmetics to review their new Coffee Scrub, I was delighted! because they use certified organic ingredients in the majority of their products. All their products are also vegan and NOT tested on animals. Anyways i am not going to lie…I am the world’s most laziest person whenContinue reading “The beautyco. Coffee scrub”

Make your memories a reality with the snap store app

The polaroid snaps weren’t only gratifying but they also had a specific dreamy and ethereal look to them that could only be captured in a polaroid snaps.polaroid snaps are intentional and thoughtful. Romantic and rustic.So here’s the brand new app for the iOS, iPhone and tablet that transforms cherished photo memories into real-life Polaroid styledContinue reading “Make your memories a reality with the snap store app”

Freeze your memorable moments with Zoomin

Almost, every one of us has dreamed of decorating our homes with those perfectly captured pictures that reminds us of the great family/friends time that we had. Previously, we use to rely completely on the photographers who had the acumen to print the pictures as big as we want. But with the advent of theContinue reading “Freeze your memorable moments with Zoomin”

Rey natural – the goodness of essential oil

Rey natural essential oils derives its scents from nature.their purest selections of essential oils feature sumptuous fruits, fragrant flowers, efficacious herbs and earthy wood and roots. To use, simply add a few potent drops of rey natural essential oils’ rigorously tested essential oil to your favorite carrier oil and apply topically to lift your moodContinue reading “Rey natural – the goodness of essential oil”

Vanity cask April edition

Here comes my favourite Vanitycask subscription box. This time, I received this box a little late but it’s totally worth when you get the bunch of happiness in a stunning beauty box, right guys? I am loving skin care stuff these days so much and this april edition is totally an eye-treat for all theContinue reading “Vanity cask April edition”

OYE STUFF – Cellphone back cover

Today, there are more mobile devices than there are people in the world. That means there’s ample opportunity for you to grab a slice of amazing quirky designed smartphone accessories. Right?? 😀 Phone cases, in particular, are easy to appeal to people who are looking to inject some individuality or extra functionality into the oneContinue reading “OYE STUFF – Cellphone back cover”

Be free with Bella

Usually I start my morning with a cup of coffee, this wakes me up and gets me geared up for the day. If you guys know me, then you probably know how late I sleep and how I early I get up! So, I really, really need that coffee. That’s what gets me started andContinue reading “Be free with Bella”