Freeze your memorable moments with Zoomin

Almost, every one of us has dreamed of decorating our homes with those perfectly captured pictures that reminds us of the great family/friends time that we had. Previously, we use to rely completely on the photographers who had the acumen to print the pictures as big as we want. But with the advent of theContinue reading “Freeze your memorable moments with Zoomin”

The All new Spinz BB Cream

Spinz just launched their all new BB cream….🌼 But what is a BB cream, really? Some companies refer to them as blemish balms, others as beauty balms, but the general consensus is that they should provide sheer coverage alongside soothing and healing properties – preventing the need for numerous separate products. but the true purposeContinue reading “The All new Spinz BB Cream”

First Giveaway in collaboration with GlamEgo (giveaway closed)

🌼Giveaway Alert🌼 Hola my lovely people win this brand new “Beauty Emergency Kit” by @glamego May edition (mothers day special box) Total worth of – Rs.2384. 📍find out the Rules For The #Giveaway — (only here – ) ◾️Follow the instagram Handel’s of @glamego and (me) @style_chic_siya ◾️winner will be announced after 24hoursContinue reading “First Giveaway in collaboration with GlamEgo (giveaway closed)”

Indus valley your everyday hair and facial solution

Indus valley Sandal Face Pack 👇 Oh yes,it has an amazing anti-microbacterial properties, making it an effective herbal. It’s got excellent antiseptic properties and works wonderfully well in treating minor skin abrasions and burns. It cleanses and conditions the skin, leaving it moisturized, free of germs, and finally protects it from the harmful rays ofContinue reading “Indus valley your everyday hair and facial solution”

Maharani couture – elegance in minimalistic

HEY!! With soaring temperature, falling in love with dresses and white colours is ought to happen. As summer days kick in I choose to ditch my denims as much as possible, opting for comfortable dresses …and also i love wearing white dresses on weddings… I assume it happens with most of us.So this being timeContinue reading “Maharani couture – elegance in minimalistic”

Rey natural – the goodness of essential oil

Rey natural essential oils derives its scents from nature.their purest selections of essential oils feature sumptuous fruits, fragrant flowers, efficacious herbs and earthy wood and roots. To use, simply add a few potent drops of rey natural essential oils’ rigorously tested essential oil to your favorite carrier oil and apply topically to lift your moodContinue reading “Rey natural – the goodness of essential oil”