Stay oil free and fresh with Himalaya Face Wash

Hola ladies, Kick-start your day with the amazing himlaya face wash variants .

Himalaya Herbals beauty brand has recently launched their Fresh Start Oil Clear face wash range .

And they are amazing!

✔️Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry Face Wash is specially formulated with the scintillating goodness of Strawberry and the deep cleansing action of natural beads to remove excess oil, dirt, and impurities. It gives you oil-free freshness throughout the day and makes your face soft, healthy, and fresh.

Revive your skin with energizing natural beads and the goodness of Strawberry. Experience the perfect deep cleansing that washes away oil and dirt to give you skin that is glowing, healthy, and refreshed.

Key ingredients:

  • Strawberry: Known to possess skin-conditioning properties, Strawberry helps enhance the appearance of facial skin and restore suppleness.
  • Indian Gooseberry: The astringent properties in Indian Gooseberry help reduce excess skin oiliness. The tannins act as free radical scavengers.

✔️Himalaya peach face wash will g

ive your skin the confident glow of oil-free freshness with the deep cleansing of natural beads and the fruity goodness of peach. Himalaya fresh start oil clear peach face wash gets rid of excess oil, dirt and impurities to give you skin that is glowing, healthy and refreshed.

It smells like peaches and has a fruity smell to it.
The face wash has a lovely fragrance which doesn’t stay on after the facewash. It doesn’t produce much lather but is easy to wash off. Skin is cleansed of all the excess oil but at the same time it doesn’t dry out your skin. Even if I skip the moisturizer I don’t feel as if my skin is stretchy. It makes the skin refreshed but doesn’t remove makeup successfully while washing the face. The granules don’t provide any strong exfoliation as such but are quite mild.

✔️Himalaya Blueberry face wash comes in a blue colored tube along with a green flip cap. Also, there are some blueberry prints over it that make it a fun tube. It provides a decent amount of hydration to the skin and never makes my skin feel dry or stretchy. But if you have extremely dry skin, then it can’t provide enough nourishment.

Otherwise, for normal to oily skin, it works well. Also, the face wash adds brightness to dull skin and reduces tired, lifeless texture. It is a good option after a long tiring day. And yes, It cleanses minimal face makeup .

✔️Himalaya Lemon face wash give your skin the invigorating freshness of Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash.

Get oil-free skin with the deep cleansing action of natural beads and the citrusy goodness of Lemon. Wash away excess oil, dirt, and impurities for skin that is glowing, healthy, and refreshed.

Directions: Apply a small amount on wet palm. Work it into a rich lather. Gently massage onto face, taking care to avoid contact with the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice daily for skin that’s clean, clear and beautiful.

I would recommend this as an everyday face wash for people who want something that can clean the oil off without drying out their skin.

Pack Size:

50ml and 100ml

Price- 75/- very much affordable.

Rating – 5/5.

Okay so guys thats all for now, see you later…


if any queries or suggestions do comment below..

xo… Siya



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