BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour

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received this product all the way from BBLUNT.  so a good and helpful  review  should hit my blog page for it right ??

If you love colouring your hair than you must be aware of this one brand that is making Waves in the hair care industry, Its》BBlunt. BBlunt has been founded by Adhuna Bhabani, who is a hair care expert par excellence.

  1. Review and the method to use it》 

Colour- Coffee Natural Brown.

A revolutionary at home hair colour, that gives you salon like gorgeous hair in 30 minutes. Specially created for Indian hair, this hair colour gives 100% grey coverage, lasts up to 8 weeks and is ammonia free. This 3-part hair colour comes with a unique Shine Tonic that gives you soft, shiny hair.

Ingredients – enriched with silk protiens .

How To Use- put on the gloves included in pack. Open Colourant, Developer and Shine Tonic and squeeze into a non-metallic bowl. Using a tinting brush, immediately onto hair. root touch up, to cover the Greys, use 25 gm of Colourant, 25 gm Developer and 4 ml of Shine Tonic.Part the hair in sections and lavishly apply the hair color to give your hair a fresh shine boost and cover up the Grey hair.You need to leave the hair colour on for 30 minutes.However, for deeper shades, it is essential that you leave on the hair colour for at least 45 minutes, to let the colour sink in.


They have introduced six other awesome shades (apart from this one)

in their new range which look absolutely stunning on Indian skin tones.The shades being;Mahogany Reddish Brown;Blueberry Blue Black; Honey light Golden Brown; Wine Deep Burgundy; Natural Black; Chocolate dark Brown.

°Oops! (hair looks slightly different from one another because of the light)

My thoughts– 

The newly launched hair colour range from BBLUNT “Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour” is a budget buy that offers excellent shade selection and commendable results in terms of colour pay off, Grey coverage, Smooth texture and lasting power.

Price : INR 225 

Weight : 50 grams of Creme Colorant ; 50 grams of Developer ; 8 ml of Shine Tonic ; Suitable for one time use for long hair. 

Shelf life : 2 years from the date of manufacturing. 

My ratings : 4.5/5.

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🌐Vodafone Eco-Pond🌐

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today here i am representing my blog for a very serious issue as well as a very innovative one . An idea by Vodafone.

now a days everyone is worried about the public health consequences of immersing idols in lakes and rivers,They hope, and perhaps in some cases pray, to harmonise their medical concerns with some people’s religious priorities. these religious rituals are actually harming the nature.

take a look at some point

Poisonous colours -Sewage, they conclude, accounts for most but not all of the pollution. High levels of zinc, calcium and strontium “were probably due to the immersed idols painted with multicolours.

Can affect humans – It warns that idol-derived heavy metals, especially nickel, lead and mercury, are likely to find their way into “fishes and birds inhabiting the lake, which finally reach the humans through food”.

so, to put these all harmful effects a fullstop, apply the idea of

Vodafone Eco-Pond ”


this innovative step can dissolve the Ganpati idols in the pond such that people do not immerse it in the river bed, which eventually pollutes the river bed and disturb the marine life equilibrium. a tank which is fully technological and smart just like vodafone.

Yes,the Maharashtra and Goa circle has partnered with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) to successfully bring this idea in real.

Check out the videos and the link below to know more. 👇

The whole Vodafone Eco-Pond setup is equipped with a promoter and a life guard at 8 Vodafone stores across the city. Punekars can visit any of the stores with their Ganesh idols, where they will be assisted to carry out the Visarjan. Vodafone stores located at JM Road, Hirabaug, Wakdewadi, Aundh, Karve Road, NIBM Road, Kalyaninagar and Kharadi will be equipped with Vodafone Eco-Ponds. Further to this, devotees can also dial 7391000000 to locate all the Vodafone Eco-Ponds.

This tank is fitted with IOT device that helps track the water level in it once the Ganpati idol is immersed. Additionally Vodafone also plans to set up a Mobile Visarjan Van, which will be visiting select large housing societies, old age homes, where it would provide Visarjan facility exclusively to the residents of the society.

so say bye bye to harmful india and welcome the #GoodinGoodbyes Initiative by》

Vodafone Eco-Pond

(Vichy’s high SPF matte sunscreen protection)

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today am reviewing a product by an European Pharmacy.

( a very small one just, thought i should share this with you all)

was thinking of reviewing this one from the very beginning.. but nevermind…:(

better late than never.

Its 》

Vichy’s laboratories nouveau new capital soleil foaming spray

its a foam based one .(just spray it ) 🙂

its for face and body, have a light-weight finish for daily application and comfortable all-day wear. Never find yourself without broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock from Vichy.

actually its kinda invisible FPS30.

good for those who doesn’t like to wear those sticky oily face sunscreens for all day. and must say its a very good one for those who is having a sensitive skin.

Actual price- 1850 . which is worthy.

I highly recommend this one .

Go give it a try and do let me know.

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MAC it is ! Retro Matte❤Ruby Woo

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                   ■Topic of the Day

 I received a gorgeous Lady

💄《Mac-Retro Matte Ruby Woo》💄

 in the house from Olreadydotin ordered via #Nykaa

so today am gonna reviewing the product as well as gonna share some details about the brand Olreadydotin .

Olreadydotin is a salon discovery platform. Olready lets you rate, compare ,book salon services and stylists through crowd sourced reviews. Its as simple as ordering food online. and they have huge discount deals are going on.

go and check out their page to know more😇.

             ●●●lets come to the topic●●●

MAC retro Ruby Woo is honestly one of the most beautiful lipsticks I have ever tried. Actually scratch that, this is literally the Queen of all lipsticks👸💄.

If you catch yourself looking at celebrities fab red lips on the red carpet, you can be sure that most of the time this colour is Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo is a cool toned red.The pigmentation of this lipstick is phenomenal. It is literally the most vibrant red I have ever seen. The fact that it is a matte lipstick, helps with the vibrancy of the colour.Ruby Woo has a matte finish. It has a reputation as being a really drying matte, and I am not gonna lie, it is pretty drying on the lips.and if that bothers you then I’ll suggest try on some lip balm on your lips before applying the Ruby Woo.

yes this can help with the dryness.

now come to the another point》

this one is  best for long lasting.It doesn’t budge for hours and hours, but as I said, it does dry the lips out a little as the day progresses. This to me is the perfect lipstick for a night on the tiles, sipping on cocktails. Trust me, if you are out for a party night or something like that then this will certainly gonna catch everyone’s eyes. 😉  It honestly transforms your face and turns the most simple makeup into a real showstopper. thats why i shared some of my simple seflies to flaunt just after applying the Ruby woo.

take a look👇

So here are easy tips for wearing

  Ruby Woo

  1. Keep a clean base. I can not stress this enough. Do not skip your base and ensure you have an even smooth complexion. Since the lipstick itself is matte, keeping the rest of your face matte too is a good idea.
  2. Go easy on the eyes. When I am wearing Ruby Woo, I prefer to keep the eyes very simple. I generally use only one element on the eyes. I would either swipe a light cream shadow like Maybelline Bad to Bronze or MAC paintpot in Indianwood on the eyes or line with a black liner or simply add kajal to the waterline. Anything more has the danger of looking too much
  3. Skip the blush. I have never used blush with ruby woo. If I felt the cheeks needed something, I added a bit of highlighter on the cheekbones. This lets the focus stay on the lips and there is no conflict. 

So that is it from me people… Hope you liked my style of a lipstick review. 

Would you like to see such lipstick reviews or anything else in the future? do let me know… 😊

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       💋Kylie Lip-Kit💋

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Festivals are aroud the corner and i m sure u all r looking forward to grab the beautiful and most hyped makeup products flaunting the market recently.

So lets start with one of the recent attractive brand women are emptying their pockets for! Kylie matte liquid lip colour kit. Curious to know what was the hype all about i had to buy a kylie lip kit and i must say its worth a try. I am smitten by the ginger kit which i got for me not just only for its shade but its smooth texture..

now, lets get started with the full review.

We all know the hype of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits. I think every girl in the world (who’s into makeup of course) dreams of having every single of her lip kits to add in their collection.When kylie started to create her own makeup line, it totally made a buzz in the makeup world.

Like literally, every time she releases a new shade of her (matte, metals and glosses) products, it’s always sold out on her cosmetic line’s website.

but no worries.. #Shades4u💄 is here to rescue any makeup lovers .

so i bought the shade of ginger matte shade (kylie lip kit) 💄from #Shades4U.

and reviewing it.

take a look at my image flaunting the ginger shade from kylie,💄

isnt it wonderful ?

The box contains 》

●1 matte liquid lipstick &

● 1 pencil lip liner

Ginger is described as warm terracotta brown. and this lip liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy & comfortable application.

this pretty shade can suit anyone .it has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. 💄its very long lasting .

the shades stay on the lips without getting streaky,fading or feathering .

also i must say about how it smells. it smells amazing, just like the vanilla. ummmm 😋
okay girlies…

Thats all for todays KYLIE GINGER LIP KIT REVIEW.💄

Now don’t wait for soo long to buy some amazing shades.💄

headover to


and order your favourite makeup products from them.

huge discounts are up in #Shades4u

Go grab it….girlies.💄

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 🎈Oriflame Memories    Chasing Butterflies   Perfume EAU DE TOILETTE🎈

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so here i am back with a lovely little pink thingy for you all…💌

Oriflame Memories Chasing Butterflies Perfume EAU DE TOILETTE …it is.😍

oriflame is one of my favourite cosmetic brand.

and they have launched some new womens fragrances under the label of MEMORIES .

The Oriflame Memories EDT has the 3 variants, but i choose to try and review this 1 , because i kinda fell in love with this one.💞

This tiny little 30ml fragrance bottle will cost you 1099/-

 but , yes yes.. you can get it in discounts as well. (try to check out in other shopping websites) 😉 

as you can see the product comes in a beautiful round shaped crystal bottle,which is pink in colour, has golden cap to it.

the bottle small so that it can fit in any where  (Eg- your cute handbag/shoulder bag) but try to carry it with the package box.(just for the sake of your bags safety)

Anyway lets come to the point that how it smells…

honestly this perfume smells best, very much long lasting, can last for 8hours easily, and yes i must admit it has a girly kind of fragrance & is gonna appeal any age women.

this perfect perfume is all about the blend of vanilla,praline and the fruit fragrances, which is the actual secret of its beautiful sweet smell.

So , stylechic girlies stop thinking about your next purchase & go grab this one. 

dont think too much. and let me know how much do you like it .

and if you guys want to know any other thing/tips etc… then do not hesitate, feel free to comment in the comment box down here.👇
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Top biotique products 

Biotique- I love the name! Everytime I see this name, I imagine a boutique full of herbal products Razz These products are economical and work for most people. Biotique products are natural and free of preservatives. The availability has improved and now everyone can lay their hands on these bio-beauties.

Here are the list 👇 

check them to look good and feel good.. 

Biotique Bio Watercress Fresh Nourishing Conditioner

Price- INR 159👍 which is worthy

☝this gel-like conditioner is easily available. It is silicone-free, makes hair frizz-free, shiny, soft and doesn’t weigh it down. Rinses off easily without leaving any residue. It improves overall hair health with regular use. also you can check my pictures in this blog post, applied all the biotique products that i have listed , continues to 3 months.  and this pictures are the results. 

Biotique Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash

Price- INR 60👍

This ☝product is transparent. It’s a bit runny in consistency. It has exfoliating particles. The smell of the product is slightly herbal, nothing overpowering. The face wash lathers well and only a small amount is needed. The scrub is mild so you can use it every day. You can see reduction in blackheads and dead skin around forehead. This is a good and must-have product to try if you are suffering from bad skin and blackheads and whiteheads.

Biotique Nourishing and Revitalizing Pistachio Face Pack

Price- INR 530 a bit costly but worthy 

this light green colored ready-to-use pack comes in a sturdy green colored tub. It gives a soothing feel and freshness to  tired skin. One can feel the smoothness and brightness the pack provides right after the first use. It nourishes, moisturizes skin while making it smoother and reducing the tan. It never dries up skin and provides a radiant glow which stays long. It will suit all skin types.

Biotique Bio Peach Clarifying & Refining Peel Off Mask

Price- INR 199👍

 The musk is of runny consistency and takes a little more time in drying. This cleans face and lightens tan a bit. One tub will last you 2 months easily even when frequently used. Easy peel off without hurting your face. The strong alcoholic fragrance can be a turn off.

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