BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour

heya readers! good evening to all the stylish people around .  How are you all ?? received this product all the way from BBLUNT.  so a good and helpful  review  should hit my blog page for it right ?? If you love colouring your hair than you must be aware of this one brand thatContinue reading “BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour”

(Vichy’s high SPF matte sunscreen protection)

hola everyone?😇 so hows your day today ?? today am reviewing a product by an European Pharmacy. ( a very small one just, thought i should share this with you all) was thinking of reviewing this one from the very beginning.. but nevermind…:( better late than never. Its 》 Vichy’s laboratories nouveau new capital soleilContinue reading “(Vichy’s high SPF matte sunscreen protection)”

MAC it is ! Retro Matte❤Ruby Woo

Hola pretty ladies!  hows everyone doing ?? hope everyone is doing fine…:)                     ■Topic of the Day■  I received a gorgeous Lady 💄《Mac-Retro Matte Ruby Woo》💄  in the house from Olreadydotin ordered via #Nykaa so today am gonna reviewing the product as well as gonna share some detailsContinue reading “MAC it is ! Retro Matte❤Ruby Woo”

💋Kylie Lip-Kit💋

HI beautiful ladies!🌞 How is everyone doing? Festivals are aroud the corner and i m sure u all r looking forward to grab the beautiful and most hyped makeup products flaunting the market recently. So lets start with one of the recent attractive brand women are emptying their pockets for! Kylie matte liquid lip colourContinue reading ” 💋Kylie Lip-Kit💋”

 🎈Oriflame Memories    Chasing Butterflies   Perfume EAU DE TOILETTE🎈

Hola Lovelies !💗 so here i am back with a lovely little pink thingy for you all…💌 Oriflame Memories Chasing Butterflies Perfume EAU DE TOILETTE …it is.😍 oriflame is one of my favourite cosmetic brand. and they have launched some new womens fragrances under the label of MEMORIES . The Oriflame Memories EDT has the 3 variants, butContinue reading ” 🎈Oriflame Memories    Chasing Butterflies   Perfume EAU DE TOILETTE🎈”

Top biotique products 

Biotique- I love the name! Everytime I see this name, I imagine a boutique full of herbal products  These products are economical and work for most people. Biotique products are natural and free of preservatives. The availability has improved and now everyone can lay their hands on these bio-beauties. Here are the list 👇  check themContinue reading “Top biotique products “