Brunch date look with Eiaraa

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another OOTD, yay!🌼
Some outfits tend to make it to your top favourite list of outfits ever worn and this one is a biggie, because let me tell you this gown by eiaraa has made the cut to that list of mine.
doesn’t mean you have to wear the cliché evening gowns with sky high heels or something too extraordinary, instead sporting a basic casual gown can actually make you look like an effortless diva, which the overdone dresses wouldn’t do.

Whether you’re heading out to a lavish brunch date or a casual movie date with your guy, this designer wear by – Eiaraa is sure to make him fall in love with you all over again!
The print is very refreshing and quite interactive which means you don’t have to think too much of accessorizing it, dress-down the rest of your look to minimal. The upper front frills and the empire waist of the dress makes sure that you flaunt those curves ,so the whole look represents boldly feminine look! The dress has a flattering fit and undeniable charm, go for subtle make-up and a jazzy clutch to complete your brunch date look!

The fit of the dress is absolutely girly and is a perfect date look/party wear number.

One important tip is to build your outfit around your shape — this helps keep you comfortable and plays to your best features, which will both help to improve your mood. Here are some tips for perfectly dressing your body shape:

Pear-shaped — carrying your weight on the lower areas of your body gives you a pear-shaped frame. You can elongate your legs with a straight or bootcut jean. Avoid high-waisted trousers though, as these can make you look shorter.
Apple-shaped — carrying your weight around the middle makes you apple-shaped. Bring focus to your legs with a straight-leg trouser and pair with heels.
Petite — some clothes can overpower a petite frame. High-waisted trousers and crop tops are good if you’re this size, as they can create the illusion that you’re taller and show off your small physique!
Tall — if you’re looking to play towards your long legs as a feature, you should go for a low-rise trouser with a skinny leg.
It’s very likely that our wardrobe picks can indeed influence our emotions. Putting colors and shapes aside, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable in the clothes that you wear. This will ensure your confidence shines through —and Eiaraa has got you covered for this, a guaranteed mood booster by eiaraa!
So go about stylish and chic effortlessly, this month of love (monsoon) with Eiaraa.

I hope you enjoyed today’s OOTD! I really love this dress and how adjustable it is with the drawstring waistline. I genuinely think this kind of dress would work well for any body type! Just like a wrap dress, it is very customizable to your own body. Let me know what you think of this gown down in the comments below! Hope you all are having an amazing monsoon so far and I’ll talk to you in the next post!

Happy Shopping Girlies!

Cya next time!

Love from Stylechic – siya. #Bestylechic

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