Enigma Of Himachal Pradesh

Day 1: Kasol. (Via Volvo bus from Delhi kashmiri gate )

Kasol is now a huge destination for backpackers and travellers from around the globe.

Tourism has progressed to such an extent, that this little village in the Parvati Valley can often get mistaken for a mini-Israeli town.Kasol at an altitude of 1640 meters, is an un(traveller’s) delight.Head here for some interesting falafel, as you watch the Parvati River roaring through the valley,where the mountains are clearly not the only things high.Hot springs, riverside eateries and smoky cafes ensure that your days here in kasol are trippy and nights stay happy.(Here,we stayed at the hoteller).Day 2:We started for our trek on 1p.m,I decided to put my fear(as it was my first trek) aside and go there,with
The first few kilometers were hardly a climb, and luckily we met a guy named Vipin,he was a God sent for me, as he helped a lot to track down the tiny roads towards kheerganga, Our trail was through lush farms, small hills and villages along the Parvati River. We couldn’t help but stop on many points to let the beauty of our surroundings sink in.
After walking few mins we reached at Kalga, This is where we decided to take a little break and eat yummy Maggie noodles and Parathas. Beyond the Kalga,the woods became dense and the path became tougher. We had to use both our hands along with the legs to survive this stretch , i was hopeless, was frightened like anything and out of breath, but my inner voice and my trek partners were so good that they inspired me to trek up the hill, and just because of me (my slow climbing ) the whole trek took lot of time, and it was so dark that anyone can slip off from the hill 😣 , anyways still we managed and yes ,The last part of the trek demanded a strenuous climb. It was at that moment I asked myself – “how much more can I climb in one day?” Strangely, right after that thought, all of a sudden we came across a sign that said “Welcome to Kheerganga”. 😍 yes we made it, I made it .We moved ahead with our tired legs. And booked a tent (Universal Tent) and had yummy food in front of the bonfire . And in the morning after a not so sound sleep In that small tent, we witnessed a breathtaking view of the whole kheerganga.💖Kheerganga is a spiritual site where Lord Shiva is believed to have meditated for 3000 years. There is a little pool on the highest point here with warm spring water. The water from the hot springs is believed to be “holy” with healing properties.And we head to the pool, the pool is divided in two sub pools with one section for men and the other one for women. I’m not sure how many hours we spent in that pool but it was enough to suck out the tiredness of the trek.
And after a breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to Kheerganga. While the climb up took between 5 hours, the way back was 4.5 hours. (though the way back was much tougher as the rain started pouring in , and the trail was patchy. But as always, there was a sense of achievement after finishing this trek.after completing the Kheerganga, trekk we came down to Kalga village.Day 3:

With enthralling views of village huts set against the backdrop of mighty snow clad peaks,it was drizzling and lights were out in there,But still we managed to found an inn to spend the night (Guest house name- Bluestar guest house). Kalga is a land of pleasant orchards and old beautiful pahadi houses.And then we went to a cozy nice cafe nearest to the guest house (forgot the name of the cafe but it was really nice) we ordered maggi and chai, a large cup of tea and a hot magi in mountains opened the window for larger conversations, as we met with two delhites in that cafe, we started talking about the place, nearby locations; trekking experiences so on and so forth. And after spending the night in there, the view, which i woke up to was mind-blowing. mountains was dressed in thick sheet of white snow and the orchards had dried up. sun was sending its rays gradually throughout the village.
 Kalga is beautifull.
Day : 4

And after enjoying the views of Kalga, we trek down to barshaini and Drive down to Tosh, a mere 20 Kilomteres from Kasol,

past scenic waterfalls and views of the valley, we cross a small bridge on foot and step onto a path that cuts across the village, and welcome to Tosh!bike renting stand is just right beside of the bridge.Here gentle tourists sit in a small smoky cafes while children with curious eyes follow you around.Here in tosh we explored some beautiful small houses, lanes and head to a cool cafe named Germans Bakery for some exquisite isreali foodand chai and met a bengali couple & 6 IIT students, who were there with a guitar , started singing and we sang along with them , it was truly fun.

After visiting Tosh , we again head back to Kasol , And then we i finally visited Manikaran , to seek blessings from Shri Manikaran Sahib.I felt utterly bliss at manikaran sahib,(but i feel😣 sorry that i cant provide you guys with good photographs of manikaran as we reached there in the evening)manikaran is a major pilgrimage center for hindus and sikhs. The gurudwara at Manikaran gives shelter and food to al the pilgrims free of cost. The food for langar is prepared with the help of the nature hot water spring.after spending such soulful time at manikaran,then we way back to have our dinner at the evergreen cafe(its a beautifull cafe with an amazing ambience)Day 5: In the morning we took a bus for Manali ,and after reaching at manali, we checked into our (Hotel sonmarg ) Then we head for solang valley , vasisht village and old manali.Manali is gorgeous and serene. Way to solang is breathtaking, we rented a bike and we loved experiencing the roads towards solang, roads were gorgeous.

Solang Valley is quiet and is best approached by road. The drive up to Solang is extremely picturesque. Once you are there, try out some Chinese food from the local roadside shacks, and enjoy the views.We did paragliding and had maggiover there.After then we came back to old manali, Old Manali is a quaint little settlement in the Kullu District and has a gypsy appeal to it. Here you can find out soo many cool hangout places, these cosy hangout spots serve various cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Continental and even Indian. Enjoy the delightful food with live music in the background.Day : 6 In manali we have explored Naggar castle , here lot of movies has been shot (Jab we met, Roza, tere nal love hogaya, barsaat, sanam etc. etc.)

This place truly gave peace to my ever – wandering mind and soul.
this little gem of Manali will give you the perfect Himalayan vibes.This is a must go recommendation for all, you guys should definitely witness the way to naggar castle, a sort of a mini Switzerland i would say. This castle is a mixture of european and himalayan architecture.Good, now that you know you take a sigh of relief that Naggar is close to the Manali so you can just rent a bike to head towards Naggar.

Naggar looks more European than a desi Town.okay so after the Naggar visit,we explored the Gulaba Pass.The view of the majestic snow capped mountains,the beas river, the small grasslands and trees simply add charms to the area. This place has been famous for skiing and other adventure sports.Gulaba has soo many high peaks from where one can have a full view of the scenic location.after this we head back to Hadimba temple but my bad luck , i reach there at 6p.m so, it was dark there And then we left for Delhi at 8 pm.So, the whole trip went really blissfull.
Himachal pradesh has so much to offer that there’s definitely going to be certain place you will miss out on your first trip. And that because of himchal will keep calling on you, over and over again. When its my turn to return, I surely will and explore Himachal even more vigorously next time.🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔

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