☆SardarPatel Gujarat Stadium☆

Hello to all my lovely readers… Today am sharing a different yet informative blog post to you all .Its all about  Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium (Motera Stadium) #LargestCricketStadium hows it looks ?? isn’t it incredibly awesome guys ??  It is the largest stadium in the state of Gujarat with an official capacity of 49,000 spectators, equipped with amazingly awesome floodlightsContinue reading “☆SardarPatel Gujarat Stadium☆”


Heya my beautiful readers..wassup ??  its the month of September now..but still the sunray is hitting (heating our skin as well :p ) us like anything. am started worrying now .. also i just passed my birthday month and was thinking of growing up so fast… and i know this feeling is a nightmare toContinue reading “IRAA INSTA SHIELD ANTI-PHOTOAGEING CREAM “

Bon voyage(East sikkim)#TravelPost

Heya my readers!  Hows everyone doing ? i hope all is good .  okay…so today i am writing something different compare to my other blogposts. its all about my last years travel experience to east sikkim.  Sikkim is a great place for a soothing vacation. It has a great combination of snow-clad mountains, valleys withContinue reading “Bon voyage(East sikkim)#TravelPost”

Gothic chic !Bohemian theme!

Hola !! My Loves…❤❤❤❤❤  I am trying my best to be as regular as possible on my blog,but am failing miserably….                 Anyway coming back to the look a bit greeky look with a bohemian touch. Summery  florals are always a good choice. So tried this beautiful maxiContinue reading “Gothic chic !Bohemian theme!”

A blogger in town ! ✌❤

Heya fellas! This is Siya here, Fashion-style/travel/food/media blogger from Kolkata………  I run a website #Bestylechic which is a blog that encompasses current trends,styling ideas/travel,food,social media experiences/brands and product reviews..So, hope to see you guys again & again here in my blog ..&  wanna deliver you guys more posts about fashion,style,travel,food and media …..XoXo! Lots loveContinue reading “A blogger in town ! ✌❤”