Indus valley your everyday hair and facial solution

Indus valley Sandal Face Pack 👇

Oh yes,it has an amazing anti-microbacterial properties, making it an effective herbal. It’s got excellent antiseptic properties and works wonderfully well in treating minor skin abrasions and burns. It cleanses and conditions the skin, leaving it moisturized, free of germs, and finally protects it from the harmful rays of the sun .

My Experience with indus valley’s Bio Organic Sandal Face Pack:

this product seems pretty herbal and made of natural ingredients, so I didn’t have to deliberate much before picking it up (plus it’s so cheap!).

Since it’s in a powder form, you have to mix it with rose water or just plain water to make a thin paste, and then apply it to your face.
On application, there’s a mild tingling sensation on the face till it dries, and after washing, it leaves my face quite fresh and dry. It has a sort of turmeric scent to it which I don’t mind. I think it’s a good product for the price; nothing mind blowing, but not bad either. I have been using it about twice a week for the past one month and though I noticed fading of some blemishes, I am not totally sure whether it’s just my skin healing on its own or the effect of this face pack. I have had no adverse reactions to this pack (I don’t have a sensitive skin).

Rs. 140

So now here comes to the 👇(i dont have that much to say about this one as i didnt use it, i just pass it on to my mother )
Indus Valley Black Gel Color

is composition of 8 natural herbs which gives natural black color while helps in preventing the hair problems like spilt ends, dandruff, hair fall. Indus Valley Gel Color is the 1st hair colour in the world with the PHAB free technology. Natural herbs like Henna, jojoba oil, Sunflower not only gives you color but also prevent from UV protection, antidandruff and also nourishes hair scalp with the fragrance of orange etc.

Rs. 575

Now its time to review the indus valley aloe Vera gel👇

Do you still not have the ‘Immortal plant’ at your home? Worry not! This aloevera gel is THE BEST ONE I have used till now. It’s my personal guarantee, that it will not disappoint you .

Aloevera gel retains the moisture level of your skin, thereby hydrating it. It is a boon for acne prone and irritated skin as it calms and soothes your skin. You can also use it post wax or for minor burns to soothe your skin. I usually apply it daily before my moisturizer.

The gel is transparent and watery. It seeps right into your skin, without giving you any sticky or tight feel. It really feels like you have applied the real gel. The gel feel light on your skin and can be easily followed by a heavy moisturizer.

Packaging: It comes in a regular plastic jar, which works fine with me. Looks like it is easy to carry, though have never carried it till now.

Fragrance: There is a slight smell of aloevera I feel. But very light. I can almost say there is no fragrance!

Indus valley aloevera gel has worked very well for me. Let me just sum it up!

Do I recommend this?

I don’t think I need to even add this question! Hell Yes, I do

Have you used any other products from indus valley that has worked so well? Do share in the comments below. and do keep visiting my blog…

🌼😊 keep shining fam.

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