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Usually I start my morning with a cup of coffee, this wakes me up and gets me geared up for the day. If you guys know me, then you probably know how late I sleep and how I early I get up! So, I really, really need that coffee. That’s what gets me started and then, I dive into the day. Scheduling and creating different things to ensure that my life and my blog is on track . My routine is set but on those five days of the month or the periods, I need a little more care and comfort.

thats what it takes to be my most confident self during my periods, so… When bella introduced their sanitary pads tampons, cottons for intimate hygiene i got excited.

so, i have received the box from Bella, just few days back….

Bella is the European manufacturer of female hygiene products. They have wide range of products connected to female hygiene such as sanitary napkins, panty liners, cotton products, wet wipes, etc.

I knew it was something i need to try. Its easy to use, easily accessible, and pretty straightforward.

Bella Ideale
Bella Ideale are the premium sanitary napkins that combines most desirable and valued attributes. Bella Ideale with incredibly soft cotton top layer ensures instant absorption and complete dryness. It has magic gel technology to give the feeling of dryness. It is totally thin and flexible for ultimate freedom.

Premium line of feminine hygienic products Bella Ideale. The line consists of sanitary napkins with innovative system StayDrai™ and exceptionally soft pantyliners with system StaySofti.

Bella Panty Intima Plus

Bella Panty Intima Plus is ultrathin breathable panty liners with 100 % cotton top sheet for extreme feeling of softness. It is thin and soft and gave the most comfort feeling when wearing it. It can be used for everyday hygiene to protect from white discharge and can be worn on first and last days of period also. It has white flower extract which gives additional smoothness and softness. It is available in normal and large sizes

Bella Perfecta Ultra XXL Night Silky Drai

Bella Perfecta Ultra XXL Night Silky Drai is the breathable ultra-sanitary napkin which provides comfort and protection against skin irritations. Magic gel barriers on the side enables to give protection against side leakages. It is 2 mm thickness which ensures high absorbency and discretion.

Bella regular drai/drai wings

Dry cover provides essential feeling of freshness and dryness, cushioned core for better protection, great security is assured by natural thickness…

Bella feminine wash

Yes, They also have feminine wash which helps to keep the intimate area clean and hygienic. It is alcohol free and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. It’s available in 300 ml bottle

Bella facial cotton pads

Bella has the unique product called as Bella cotton pads orange flower. These are the premium line of cotton pads with orange flower extract to soothes and relax the skin. These cotton pads are used to apply and removal of makeup, cleaning purposes and cosmetic purposes. Made of 100% cotton.

And there are many more…

Bella is perfect for light flows, spotting, or when you need a little more protection than a pantiliner. Don’t worry if your period gets a little heavier though because absorption is fast and it does a good job protecting you from leaks.

They have something called Thermo-Control technology and an European technology inspired by high performance athletic fabrics to wick and absorb period away from your body and to keep you feeling dry and clean.

Even after a full day’s wear while spotting or during a light flow, I still felt dry and clean. The cottony soft cover works really well and still felt cottony soft after absorbing period.

I find that pads with a paper backing rather than a plastic backing have a stronger adhesive and this pad is no exception.

It is stayed in place all day and the edges didn’t lift or fold over.

Pads come in a white wrapper and are smaller than regular sized pads. Think of it as in between a liner and a regular pad.

Their product are made with a mind-set of giving you a comfortable life with not worrying about any mess, choosing best at affordable price, with every shape and size available as per your preference, Bella stands a chance to give a try.

I am sure you will love it because I have fallen in love with Bella already .❤

Bella products are available in modern markets such as Metro,Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Purple,Spar, Big bazaar, health and glow.

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Okay guys, thats all for now..

if any queries or suggestions do comment below.. 👇❤

xo… Siya


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