Rose Gold ( facial glow mist ) By – InstaGlamBeauty

I used to think skincare mists were a pointless gimmick. Why use something that’s been watered down to work in spray form, when you could use a regular serum or cream that contains more concentrated ingredients instead?

But I’ve finally seen the light. Instaglambeauty

rose gold facial Mist isn’t meant to replace serums and creams – this meant to be a convenient addition to your routine:

  • you can quickly and easily apply products when your hands might not be clean
  • when you don’t want to disturb the stuff you already have on your face
  • when you’re in a rush
  • when you’re just lazing out (admittedly this is the real reason for me most of the time)

I usually don’t use a separate moisturiser in the morning and just rely on my sunscreen to carry me through,this facial glow Mist have been awesome at providing hydration that’s lighter than a proper lotion.

Insta glam beauty has become one of my favourite skin and hair care brand , i have recently received the Rose Gold Facial Glow Mist From-InstaGlamBeauty.
I will say that this gives a lovely hydrating boost to my face after I finish doing my make-up (bar the foundation ofcourse) and gives a healthy glow to my face.

And I like the smell (rosy) , like a light essential oil scent, which doesn’t linger overly long.

This one makes my skin dewy perfectly, and makes your face look less powdery.
This is a really great product in my opinion.

Yes, I use it in the mornings after toner, so add light moisture to my skin. It takes a minute or two to sink in but isn’t greasy or heavy– I was worried about that because of the oil in it but it’s really light.


First, a note on the spray packaging. Comes in a spray bottle (100ml) .

I recommend spraying from at least 30 cm away .

I also like that it sprays evenly and in a fine mist.
As for recommendation… I think it’s a very good product given the price is quite affordable (100ml– only 400/_)


This InstaGlamBeauty is designed to be used over makeup to add a dewy “glow” to your face, but you can also use it as a moisturising step.

It comes as a rose-scented watery liquid .

It contains pure 24 karat gold infused water, pineapple, mulberry root, lemon peel and witch hazel.

Benefits ✔️

Balances skin pH level.

Tightens pores.

Hydrates skin.

Keeps away acne.

Keeps away blemishes.

Keeps away aging.

4/5 for this one… ✔️

So here giving you the insta page link of the brand do check out and order now –

(I have extremely dry skin 😦 so this is a life saver for me! )

HAVE YOU TRIED ANY Insta Glam Beauty products? WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE SKINCARE PRODUCT FROM THEM? For any suggestions or query do not forget to drop in your valuable comments below

These products were provided for review, which did not affect my opinion.

Ba-byeee for now…



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