Glowing Goddess Primer by – Insta glam beauty

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I am back with another product review and an extremely important one.

Make-up primers are basically like sanding a wooden floor, they create a smooth, less porous surface onto which you can add longer lasting make-up.

Whatever your skin type, finding the right primer can be a godsend, making your make-up last much longer and brightening your whole look.

Since I have been using quite a few products from them which I am totally addicted to, I was super excited to try this one.

Yes, When you feel like your foundation refuses to stay on your face, Glowing Goddess by – Insta Glam Beauty primer makes it stay put.
I’ve always thought of primer as the first step in make-up application but after trying this, I’m thinking of it more as the last step in skincare. This primer from insta glam beauty ,this one is oil based- but WOW does it feel good. It sinks onto, rather than into, the skin beautifully and left my face feeling like silk – I almost didn’t want to put any make-up on. I love it when my skin is ‘glowing’. my make-up glided on pretty smoothly and my skin felt incredible all day – I also lost some of that T-zone shine that tended to appear when applying foundation straight over my moisturiser. I’ve never bothered with primer before but now I won’t go without it, if only for the feel of beautifully baby-soft skin with dewy makeup finish look.

INGREDIENTS argan oil, aloe vera extract, avocado oil, rosship seed oil,jojoba oil, orange peel oil, Vit E and lemongrass oil.

USAGE wash and tone your face, rub an ice cube, its oil based so i just needed 2drops for my full face and neck,softly massage it all over your face and neck.

Price – 600/_

Yes, the best Aromatherapist Beauty Therapist Cosmetologist Natural skin and hair care product brand without any doubt.

✔️highly recommend ✔️

Leaving a link down here, where you can get this product from. Its an Instagram store and you can connect with them here👇

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And start pampering your skin and hair now.

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