For The Love of Ikat: Reviving A Fine Textile Art.

hello people!
First of all i wanna apologies that I haven’t been posted for a while. actually i have been busy for the puja (bengalis Durga puja) .
So, Today i am sharing Ikat Fashion Lookbook ….yes , you heard it right ! Its Ikat , Trends repeat themselves. After every decade or two they make a comeback and become a rage and talking point. Ikat Trend is one such hot favourite doing the global rounds.
Ikat pattern is a real tribal influence.wear this pattern on winter summer or in between. i can see it being used a lot for summers. yes you can have relaxed and comfy dayout or a fun night by wearing a ikat dress.

this ikat dress is my self designed dress.

from the very first day i fell in love with the color and the boho print.

I needed a pretty, feminine yet statement necklace to accessorize this outfit as it has a very simple i added up a necklace by 》 to this look. Shop their amazing collection and be a fan of their Facebook Page for the latest addition.

also i paired this ikat look with a boho bright coloured side bag by

i just loved the detailing of the bag.

They have amazing collection of bags/shoes/accessories . click the link you will find them all.

Shop the ikat fashion look anywhere.
attaching some ikat fashion shop links here ..
The world is going crazy for this pretty trend. It’s a perfect way to take out the boho-girl inside you… so start flaunting the ikat look now 😉

Okay guys ..Hope you enjoyed reading the Ikat Trend.

Share your views in the comments section below on the new-found ikat fashion….
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