Why Bigger Is Better 

Heya cricket lovers!

here i am  again sharing a very informative article especially for  (cricket fans)

•Why Sardar Patel Stadium is better than Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium (Home of the Gujarat Lions)

Cricket in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat has a history, starting from the time it was known as Nawanagar.

  1. The stadium built in 2009 is a symmetrical bowl. The outfield is a consistent green, which means reverse swing may be tough to find. which is a negative point .
  2. The ubiquitous bucket seats in the stands are clean though  . We wait to see how many of them will be filled. It is a long walk – about two hours – from the city centre and your correspondent has yet to check out the regularity of the bus service. which is an another negative point .

Whereas Sardar Patel Gujrat Stadium  

is gonna overtake  Melbourne Cricket Stadium

after the completion of it ,as i said earlier in my previous  ( blog post of sardar patel gujarat stadium). Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium is planned the biggest seating capacity.which will cover 110,000 spectators. truly amazing right ?? 

the whole project estimation cost is about 7crores,Will have four dtessing rooms.76 corporate boxes,a club house,a giant size swimming pool and 3 entry gates along with the best parking facilities. and much more up to dated lighting,fooding,decorative upgradation will be up soon. Sooo Wow!

So Its a clear Win -Win situation for Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium. 

India is gonna experience the Largest and Better stadium in the whole world. 

isn’t it a Buzzworthy news to all of you guys ??😃

okay guys… thats all for tonight   .

if you guys wanna know more about todays article, do let me know in the comment box below  👇 ill revert back surely. 🙂 

till then bye bye… take care .. 

– Siya 😇

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