☆SardarPatel Gujarat Stadium☆

Hello to all my lovely readers…

Today am sharing a different yet informative blog post to you all .Its all about  Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium (Motera Stadium)


hows it looks ?? isn’t it incredibly awesome guys ?? 

It is the largest stadium in the state of Gujarat with an official capacity of 49,000 spectators, equipped with amazingly awesome floodlights for day-and-night games and is a regular venue for Test Cricket and One Day International Matches.out an out very spacious undoubtedly because this stadium is covered by 63acre land. OMG! which is incredible.  

and i must tell you 1 thing that this stadium was built in 1982, but then demolished in 2015. now its all redeveloped with some kickass looks.

now ltes gone to the seating capacity which will cover 110,000 spectators. unbelievable right ??

also the stadium will be able to accommodate several other required features, like enhanced parking for 3,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers, and a clubhouse with 55 rooms.

So, Yes this is the future of International Cricket. revamped to give you the ultimate cricket watching satisfaction. 

 I just cant wait to experience the #LargestCricketStadium

what about you guys ?? 

Do share your views here 👇 

adios guys… 


                                                             – Siya

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