Heya my beautiful readers..wassup ?? 

its the month of September now..but still the sunray is hitting (heating our skin as well :p ) us like anything. am started worrying now ..

also i just passed my birthday month and was thinking of growing up so fast… and i know this feeling is a nightmare to any girl.

right ?? but but but worry not . here comes the rescuer 


can help you fight with the sunrays as well as the ageing problem. 

its a 50ml bottle wonder .its a tinted cream to protect you from the UV rays.

moisturizes skin with the SPF30. and dont worry its tested & perfectly safe to use .


  • Unique Features: Anti-Photoageing
  • Prevents dark sun spots and premature skin-ageing
  • Reduces dark sun spots and masks fine lines instantly
  • Makes skin even-toned and glowing
  • Protects skin from UVA and UVB sun rays
  • Boosts collagen, moisturizes and hydrates skin
  • SPF 30, Clinically Tested, Dermatologically Approved 

  • Actual Ingredients: Rich in natural extracts brought in from around the world
  • Cauliflower Mushroom Extracts: Reduces damage caused by harmful UV exposure, Boosts collagen, Increases skin hydration
  • White Ten: Blend of 7 natural extracts: Paper Mulberry, White Mulberry, Apple, Japanese Camellia, Green Tea, Purple Shamrock, Pine Mushroom, Helps in reducing dark sun spots/age spots, Skin whitening/brightening

I must tell you some other good points of it.

  • Iraa instashield help you reduce the dark spots of your skin easily and fine lines.
  • Iraa instashield gives any type of skin moisturization up to 6 hrs.
  • can give even skin tone and glow for sure.
  • its Non-comedogenic.

now just check my skin here👇

 took the photo just after 1hr applying Iraa instashield photo ageing cream.

how i look  ?? do share your comments below 👇 

and here comes ….

  • My Review

yes, Iraa photo-ageing cream has helped me to keep my face to shine and be away from those dark circles.price is slightly high – INR 790.( buy online only).

yes it does give shine to your face, feels fresh, absorbs quickly, face looks younger and dats true 🙂 But am giving four stars because it tends to go down after 2-3 hrs if you have very oily skin, other wise great product . yes it did feel a little heavy on my skin.but i can’t cancel out other qualities thing to do is (which i do personally)i like to blend it with my makeup whenever going to a function .you guys can do the same as well if u like to .mix with your BB/CC cream or foundation and your good to go.

so in the end i will recommend this. yes give it a shot.use a tiny amount and glow all day long. Wuhu ! 😍❤😉

done for tonight. 

see you soon with some other good stuff.  

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much love . 

till then #Bestylechic bye bye .. 

                                XoXo            #stylechicsiya 💋 

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