Bon voyage(East sikkim)#TravelPost

Heya my readers! 

Hows everyone doing ? i hope all is good . 


today i am writing something different compare to my other blogposts. its all about my last years travel experience to east sikkim

Sikkim is a great place for a soothing vacation. It has a great combination of snow-clad mountains, valleys with beautiful rhododendrons, waterfalls, lakes, a tea estate and much more.  

i went to the parts of east sikkim!

《 Sillerygaon◇dzuluk ◇nathang valley◇aritar

The places that i discovered are relatively an emerging and offbeat destination in East Sikkim.

When planning a vacation the destination is of prime importance. If you are looking for an exclusive and exotic destination, if you want to get away from all the chaos and head straight to the splendid mountains, then read on! Unleash the wanderlust and get going.

  • Arrival at gangtok-

If you’re arriving by flight, you’ll need 4-5 hours to reach from the Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok. Sikkim Tourism Help-desk at the airport can arrange a 6-seater like an Innova or Scorpio for INR 3000. If you prefer to take shared-taxis, you’ll be charged INR 250 / person and the vehicle will vary depending upon availability. and then the 4-5 hour journey will be uo for you. its likely to be a treat, with the first views of the mountains, Teesta river, and small towns on the way. by which you will never get bored.

  • day – 1 was at Sillerygaon 


the day when i reached in Sillerygaon, it was raining in there heavily . just because of that i couldn’t discover the place on the very first day. but then in the very morning i just went out of the room and 

experienced the epitome of natures beauty at its best(also started posing 😛) as you can see the pictures.

it was mesmerising.loved every bit of this place, ambience of the home stay, food , picturesque,people.(took soo many pictures with local people and with some cute babies.)😍😄❤

and yes you will get to see the Mighty peak Mt. Kanchenjunga always in front of your eyes.❤🗻

( this place should be avoided during rains.)

  • after this we(my frnds and family) headed for Dzuluk 

this place is located at a height of around 10,000 ft above located in the state of Sikkim. One needs to get the inner line permit to visit this place. The driver of the car we hired took all the trouble of permits and I just enjoyed my stay with my family and friends. It took around 4 – 5 hours to reach this mystery place. The permit was taken at Rangoli and thereafter few miles at a right turn is the beginning of the 

Old Silk Route which is a common motorable road now for the rest of the world. Zuluk is the name of the valley with a small hilly village and famous for the zig-zag roads which is definitely an eye-catchy landscape.

     Needless to say Mt Kanchenjunga is always following me throughout from the top but much near now. The view of the snow capped peak seems to have become just more prominent along with the changing colours in the valley during the sunset. The landscape views are truly breathtaking especially during the sunset. The sunrise in Zuluk is a must see in your tour plan and the sunrise point is an hour’s drive known as Thambi View Point.we had an amazing coffee and photosession in there 😁😛.

    • the next stoppage was Nathang valley.

    Nathang is accessible through out the year but keep in mind winter in Nathang is severe. During winter Nathang faces high snow fall and freezing temperature.Due to snow fall some times the road remain closed for few days. In summer the picture is completely opposite.Summer is wet and foggy here. During summer Nathang and its surrounding hills remain covered with different kind of grassy blooming rhododendron flowers.i was kind of mesmerized by the beauty of this place.i was blown away. i highly  recommend visiting nathang during april to may.

    Accommodation facility in Nathang Valley or any other place across east Sikkim is very limited, so I would suggest booking your accommodation in advance to confirm your lodging. Though there is no luxury bit still people there try their best to satisfy the guest in every possible way. You can’t get a geyser but you can surely expect hot water provided at all home stays at your demand. There is not much variety of food but they provide simple food with great care. People of Sikkim, especially who live at remote hamlets are so simple and friendly. They are so polite and humble. They will always be at your service. It is a shame for us that some tourists who belong to much more developed section of society behave so rudely with them. I have seen people with high temper because they are not getting all like what they get at hotels and resorts. It must be clear to all travelers or tourists that place like east Sikkim is so remotely located at such a height where daily life is a struggle; we must not expect what we get in our city life.

    • The next and the last one was aritar.

      Aritar is known for its natural beauty and landscape as the place is bounded by the mighty Himalaya Mountains on all sides. It is a newly discovered tourist destination. The nearby Lampokhri lake or Aritar lake is one of the oldest lake in Sikkim and the main tourist attraction of Aritar. Lampokhri lake is the highest boating lake in Sikkim. though i felt bored after visiting the lake. 😕

      Tourists can also stay in Mankhim Top from where the lake and snow covered Mt Kanchenjangha looks really splendid. It is a latest offbeat destination in East Sikkim and growing popularity amongst the tourist community across the world.

      anyway…so this is the end of my travel blogpost.

      and i must tell you by wondering these places,reminds me of the pride in me for the fact that I am an Indian and lucky to be born in such a wonderful country with never ending treasures of beautiful landscapes.

      prior tips – 

      •  Mobile connectivity is poor in Zuluk and in the other places only BSNL mobiles will work.
      •  Internet connectivity is not present in all the locations. 
      • avoid rainy seasons.
      • do carry some medicines. 
      • do not forget to carry woolen outfits/jackets etc. (all of your fashionable outfits to flaunt and to make yourself comfortable in the weather)
      • stay in homestays . its bliss. 
      • try homestay food. its delicious. 
      • carry saridon.
      • Carry voter identity card and two copies of passport size photograph for permits.
      • ATMs are not available, will have to carry cash for all purchases

      Do share this post on your social media that travelers like you can reach up to this write-up which will help in framing the east Sikkim tour.  Keep traveling and do not forget to travel with style😎🌎⛺🚗

      keep smiling. be the follower of #bestylechic.

       Cheers.☺ xoxo

      PICTURE CREDITS- Sourav shome , Sandipan bose, And Me 😇.

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